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Having a Safe Black Friday

Here are tips to make Black Friday sales safer, easier, and even fun!

Check the newspapers and store websites everyday, for at least a week
before Black Friday. Write down the store that is best to visit and
the items you plan to purchase. Don’t forget to read the fine print
because you might not end up getting a deal.

List down the items you want to purchase. Limit yourself to a maximum
of ten to make it more manageable. If you know the layout of the
store, list them according to ease of logistics.

It’s better to go with someone, as this allows you to cover more
ground – meaning you can get in and out of the store fast! However, do
not bring kids along. Get up early and make sure you dress warmly.

Never bring a purse. Just bring a car and some cash which you can keep
in your pocket. This is for ease of purchase, and as well as safety
and security.


One Response to “Having a Safe Black Friday”

  • Honest Jay says:

    Another tip is to check online if the store has a website. You can get some of the same deals (and sometimes better) online hence avoiding you the rush.

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