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Having Safe Travels

Having a fun travel means it should also be a safe and secure one. To do so, you should need to make sure of the following:

Prepare a photocopy of your necessary papers, especially your passport. It’s also best if you keep an electronic copy saved in your laptop (if you’re bringing one), or your e-mail account.

Do not keep your valuables in your hotel room. You can ask if the hotel has a secure vault in which you can put your valuables. If your lodging doesn’t have this luxury, you can always put your valuables within old looking garments such as dirty socks.

Do not use handbags. A body bag which you can keep close to your person at all times is a better option. Avoid flashing cash and jewelry. Be more prudent in how you act as well. You don’t know if anyone is observing and you might be followed.


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