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Helping Your Toddler Try Out New Food

Exposing children to eating different foods at an early is a tricky job, but not impossible. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to help your child get accustomed to new food:

Make sure that what you are feeding for your child is appropriate. Strong-flavored dishes that are heavy on spices should be introduced at a later age.

To introduce new food, simply place the food on the plate, together with food with which they are familiar. Make sure that you only place a small amount.If they ask what it is, then tell them truthfully.

If they don’t try out the new food, don’ force them to eat it. Simply re-introduce the new food every now and then. Children usually develop and change their preferences in taste over time.

You have to make sure that they see you eat that food to, so they’ll know they can eat it (If you can eat it, then they can too).

Avoid bribing your child, as they will expect rewards everytime you wish them to try new food.


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