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How to Be a Good Prom Date


There is really no formula to being a perfect prom date. Things can go happen even if you are extra careful about it. But you can always behave properly and do your best.

Try to have fun. You can do this without being over the top or comparing yourself with other folks. Relax and don’t think too much. You’ll end up getting frustrated and disappointed if your plans don’t go well. Simply go with the flow and enjoy your evening with your date.

Be flexible. Give each other some freedom to do things. Your date may want to talk with their friends and your friends may also want to hang out with you. Don’t get jealous if somebody else wants to dance with your date, even if you are the boyfriend or girlfriend. After all, it is only a dance.

Just be yourself. You can try impressing your date by being somebody else but you’ll let your guard down eventually and this inconsistency will be your undoing. Instead of being impressed, your date will only be disappointed. You can be yourself, just make sure that you mind your manners along with it.


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