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Improving Management Skills

Here are some tips on how to be better managers:

Be good teachers. Instead, of yelling or getting irritated the whole
day, be a little more patient. Instead of telling your people what to
do, it would be better focus on how to do it. By teaching skills
necessary to finish tasks, you are actually teaching them to be more
independent when they do their work. Arrange for your team to do cross
training so that all of them can do multiple tasks when others are
won’t be able to come to work.

Be just and fair. Try to be more emphatizing and considerate when it
comes to addressing the needs of employees. However, bear in mind that
you also need to be firm if need be. Be consistent in your decision so
before you pass judgment, make sure you have made the proper
investigation and you have all the facts straight.

Be a listener and be humble. The last thing employees need are
managers who don’t want to hear what they want to say, making them
feel un-needed in turn. Managers who feel high-and-mighty and think
that their employees are beneath them will not actually get the
respect they want.


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