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Keeping Eye on Kids in Crowded Places

There times when parents have no choice but to bring children with them to grocery stores, malls, and other crowded places. If you, as a parent, have fears about losing your kids while you are out, here are some tips on how to keep your children in your line of sight.

Dress your kid in something bright. This will help you spot your kid just in case he or she gets away from you.

Sew a patch on your children’s clothing (pants or at the inside of the back of your child’s shirt) which contains an emergency contact information. This is in case your child cannot memorize it on his or her own.

For mobility as well as security, you can always bring a stroller for your child. Instead of carrying him or her, which can be bothersome, when you are shopping, have them sit on their stroller. Just remember not to leave the stroller anywhere.

Hold your child’s hand. This might not work well for children who are active and who like to run a lot.

One alternative is to get them children’s leashes. There are already children’s leashes available. For those who are not bothered by the idea, a children’s leash won’t hurt your children and they may even be designed to not look like leashes.

You can also buy a walkie-talkie that you can use to communicate. Just make sure that your child knows how to use it.


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