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Keeping Sick Kids from Getting Bored In Bed

It is difficult to have kids who need to stay in bed while sick or
recovering to keep still. After they all, they are used to being

You can do crafts such as making scrapbooks or making sock puppets
with your help. After making crafts, you can use the puppets for an
impromptu puppet show.

Let them listen to children’s songs and you can even sing along with them.

Read books to your children. This is a great tome to introduce them to
a variety of books. If they are used to watching television, this can
surely give them a variation to being glued to cartoons all day.

Last resort should be letting them watch more TV or play hand-held
video games. This is not quite advisable as these can cause more
excitement. But if the doctor gives a go-signal, these too wouldn’t be
a problem.


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