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Keeping Your Child Safe in the Bath

This is to make sure that you keep your children safe while they are in the bath.

First of all, never leave your child in the bathroom unattended. Stop whatever you are doing and accompany your kids in the bath. Always keep an eye on your child.

Before the bath, make sure that you remove all electronics, such as a hairdryer. Your child may grab it and pull it into the tub.

To avoid your children from bumping unto edges and corners, purchase faucet covers, especially if your child likes to stand up suddenly from the tub.

Have mats outside the tub and also lace sticker mats on the tub as well. This will keep your child from slipping.

Toys to be brought in the tub should be made especially for bath time.

Make sure that the bath products you have around are for your child. So that if your child gets curious, he or she won’t accidentally pour bath oil in the water.


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