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Kids Who Are Picky Eaters I

Children are picky eaters for many reasons. Here are a few examples:

Kids find it fun to feed themselves. If you tend to admonish your
children for being messy and for taking too long in finishing their
food, then they might associate this bad experiences with eating.
Messes can be cleaned up. Simply provide a rubber mat and a bib. You
can also teach your child to eat properly.

Another possible reason is that the food is not prepared to suit their
tastes. Remember that children usually cannot tolerate too much spice
in their food like adults can.

Try to keep children from eating junk food and other heavy snacks
before meals. Give them healthy light snacks such as fruits, milk,
yogurt and nuts.

Check your child if there is anything wrong with them. Children who
feel pain (tooth, etc.) or who are ill can lose their appetites as


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