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Living Room Essentials

Are you planning to buy new furniture for your living room? You don’t need a lot but there are some basic essentials that you may need consider buying:

Sofa. This should be durable as you will sit or even lie down on it often enough.. The size would be determined by the number of members in your household.

Coffee table. This can be a classic coffee table or a low multi-purpose table. Make sure that it is sturdy enough so that it won’t crack.

Lighting. This can be a ceiling light, but you may want to add a table lamp to tone it down the atmosphere when you want to relax in the evenings.

Optional items include a TV on a TV stand or an entertainment center complete with a stereo unit. This can be substituted by bookshelves, or a piano for the musically inclined.

Decors and furnishing such as throw pillows, plants, etc. are subject to your taste and budget. However, these small items can surely turn your house into a home that reflects your personality.


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