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Losing Weight Frugally

Are you trying to lose weight but feel that you have to pay a lot before you can do so? Here are some tips on how to be a frugal weight-watcher:

You don’t need to enroll in a gym. Memberships can be very costly. You can run or walk in your neighborhood. You can try cycling, or rollerboading as well. What you can also try to do is to use community facilities such as pools. If you are still sudying, why not try the school facilities?

You don’t need high-tech equipment. Invest in the basic equipment. Buy a yoga mat or fitness balls. You can also try purchasing a set of hand weights. These can be your basic equipment which you can use to tone your muscles while you do cardio workouts (such as running, cycling, and swimming).

Stop buying expensive junk foods. Switch to healthy foods. You’ll find out that a $5 bag of fresh fruits is more filling than a $4 bag of salted snacks. Switching to skimmed milk or unsweetened frui juices doesn’t really cost extra.


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