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Making Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Making chocolate covered strawberries is simple enough. Just follow
these instructions:

Choose your strawberries carefully. For chocolate dipping, ripe
strawberries with the stems intact are the best. White or green
colored strawberries is an indication of unripeness while too dark a
red can mean they are overripe. Check for brown spots or molds. The
stems should not be dried. Place strawberries in the fridge, and use
as soon as possible.

Choose your favorite chocolate. It can be dark, milk, or white, or a
combination of the three. You can try melting chopped commercial
chocolate or you can buy those especially made for dipping.

Wash the strawberries with cold water, getting rid of sand or dirt.
Place them on a clean towel or papertowel so they can dry completely.
Leave them to dry while you are preparing the chocolate.

Mel chocolate with a bit of butter, shortening, and vegetable oil over
a double boiler and stir well. The butter will help give the chocolate
a shiny and smooth texture, especially if you do not know how to
temper chocolate.

Place your strawberries on your far left, the bowl of melted chocolate
in the middle, and a tray lined with parchment paper on your right
(reverse the order if you are left handed). Hold the strawberry stem
and dip the strawberry into the chocolate until only 1/4 of it is
uncovered by the chocolate. Raise up and allow excess chocolate to
drip back into the bowl. Place your strawberry into the tray with
parchment paper. Let the chocolate-covered strawberries dry completely
before serving.


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