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Making Feet Look Slim

Do you have broad feet? Here are some tipson how to make them appear smaller just by taking care of what shoes we wear.

Chunky shoes with heavy heels are a no-no. They will only make your feet look broader and heavier. Wedges are not for you so avoid buying them. Shoes with mid-height heels are the best.

Color too can affect how large your feet can seem to appear. Instead of white, cream, or other light-colored shoes, try dark-colored ones.

Thin, strappy sandals and shoes are a no-no. They will make your feet and ankles look bigger than they really are. If you’re going to buy shoes with a strap, make sure that the strap is medium-sized. T-bar shoes are your best bet.

Wear your size. Trying to squeeze your feet into a pair of footwear that is smaller can only spell disaster. Not only will it make your feet appear bigger, but they can be bad for your feet as well.


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