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Making Your Kid Stop Thumb Sucking

If you want your child to break the habit of sucking his or her thumb, here are a few things you can do:

Find out why your child is thumb sucking. If your child is still a baby, then it might be because he or she is teething. Thumb sucking can sooth the discomfort of an erupting tooth. Some children usually find comfort in thumb sucking so they do it when they go to sleep. Some children suck their thumbs when they’re anxious or nervous.

Next, remember that this is not something that can be done in a few days. It would take your diligence to make sure that you intervene properly without traumatizing your kid for life.

Distract your kid. Call his or her attention.Give him or her something to hold so that he or she wouldn’t have free hands to suck his thumb with.

When going to bed, engage in relaxing activities such as story telling or singing your kid to sleep. Wait until he or she falls completely asleep so you can monitor if they suck his or her thumb.

You can also have the family dentist explain or show a picture to your kid (if he or she is old enough to understand), what can happen to teeth when one sucks his thumb over a long period of time.


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