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Managing the Holidays

The hoildays are getting near and however fun these days are, we all
can’t deny that they also cause disruptions and stress at work. Here
are some tips on how to manage the holiday stress in the workplace:

File your holiday leaves at least a month in advance. This way,
management can find out which people will be staying over the
holidays. It would be easier for them to formulate a schedule that can
accomodate the workload.

Remember to be flexible and considerate. If a co-worker needs to cover
for you if you need to take the afternoon off to attend your kids’
school concert, be sure to do the same for them when it’s their turn.

Bring some treats during the holidays. These might be small treats but
they sure keep up with the holiday spirit.

Leave the stress at home (and vice versa). If the holiday preparations
at home are getting crazy, spare your coworkers the drama.


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