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More Student Tips: Studying for Tests

Here are more ways on how to motivate high school students to study for their exams:

It is always good to know why you are studying. Set your goals. It can be as easy as just passing your exam, or you can go as high as being able to top the class. Having a goal can help you figure out how to study and manage your time so you can study effectively.

The place where you study is important. Avoid studying in your room where there can be too much distractions. School libraries are good places to study as they are quiet and you can have materials within your reach. You can also choose a place at home where it is quiet.

Study a bit every day. This will help you avoid cramming. Cover a chapter or a topic a day. Write down notes which you can consolidate when you do discuss these topics in class. This way, when you’re near your exam date, all you’ll have to do is review.

Ask your teachers for help. See them after classes and ask them to explain topics you couldn’t understand in class. They’d only be too happy to help.


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