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More Tips: Preparing for Travel Abroad

Are you going on a vacation abroad? Here are some things you might want to consider when you start planning for your trip:

Research. Research. Research. With the internet, reading up on information about your conutry of destination has never been easier. Find out about the tourist spots or the places that might interest you. Find out how to go there. If you see travel forums and reviews by other travellers, read them too. You’ll never know what kind of good advice you might discover.

Read about the culture and its people. You don’t want to anger anyone. It’s hard to get into trouble when you’re in a different country. Remember the saying, “When in Rome, do what the Romans do” (or something to that effect). This will make your life easier. Who knows, being prepared about this might even endear you to the locals.

Card is fine but it is always better to rely on cash. Find out about the exchange rate. It might be better if you have your money changed in your home country. If the country where you are heading has a not-so-nice reputation concerning pickpockets, then be prepared as well. Have a pouch that you can carry and be sure to carry money that you only need. Photocopy your passport and other important documents.

Try to memorize some basic phrases, greetings, and expressions in the language of the country of your destination. This is important especially when English is not the native language, or if very few people know how to speak English.


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