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Organizing Your Day Purse

Has it ever happeed to you that you need to get something from your purse but only to rummage helplessly looking for it. Don’t waste precious time and keep your purse organized.

First thing you need to do is to empty your purse of its contents.

Examine what you have in there. Throw away the pieces of paper, tissue, wrappers, or any other trash that has accumulated in there.

Assess the objects that are left and group them together in:
a) the stuff that I need everyday – keys, money, phone, make-up, other electronic stuff, planner, etc.
b) other stuff – book, sweater, etc.

You can purchase small see-through bag organisers so you can put all your make-up stuff in one, all your electronics in one, etc. The idea here is to make everything accessible and organized.


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