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Practicing Your Typing Skills

If you’re slow at typing and it is affecting your job, here are some ways on how to make your typing quicker:

Go back to basics. Familiarize yourself with the keyboard and proper finger placements. There are books or websites which have information on this. Or, you can also…

You can buy or borrow a typing software. You can also search online for typing games. Some of them are free to legally download. This is a fun way to help you practice your typing.

Practice by copying newspaper or magazine articles, or a page of a book. Be sure to time yourself. Review what you’ve typed afterwards and check if you have misspellings or typographical errors.

You can take formal classes, if you have the resources. Community colleges or community training centers are sure to offer this.

Chat with your friends so you can try to type your responses in realy time.


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One Response to “Practicing Your Typing Skills”

  • As999 says:

    You really missed out on the best tip you can possibly give: use a Dvorak keyboard! And if they don’t have one at work you can take your own Dvorak skin to place on top of the Qwerty easily. :)

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