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Preparing for Job Relocation

You’ve been promoted to a new or better position, but it entails
relocating yourself and your family to a new city, or state, or
country. What do you do? Here are some important things you need to
check before you start packing your bags and hie yourselves to your
new home:

Make sure that your spouse is ready for the move. This might entail
reisgning from their own job. If this is the case, make sure that you
or your spouse is able to negotiate for an assistance package because
of the unemployment. Remember that loss of income will make a big
impact on your family’s finances as well. If your spouse plans to find
work at the new location, make sure that all the paperwork,
clearances, etc. are done timely and properly.

Discuss between you and your spouse about who will be in charge of the
actual preparations for the move. This will involve creating a
checklist of what needs to be done and to make sure that everything
gets done.

Discuss with your kids about the move. Expect negative responses but
if you break the news gently and with respect and sensitivity to their
feelings, you would be able to resolve these feelings. Give them
enough time to process the news as well.

Arrange with your company if you be able to take one or two trips to
the new locaiton in advance so you’d be able to personally check the
city, the potential home, and schools even. This will help you
organize your move better.


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