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Preparing for Last-Minute Guests

If you’re having last-minute guests, those who call an hour or less before their arrival, don’t panic. Here are some tips that can help you get out of your predicament:

Your guests won’t have to see all the rooms in your house. Focus on the places where they will stay the most – the living room, kitchen or dining room, and if they need to go, the bathroom.

Get a trash bag and shove all the clutter into it. Store it somewhere for a while. Dust the sofas and chairs and fluff the pillows. Grab your vacuum and give the carpet or the floor a quick run through.

Shove all dishes in the dishwasher and wipe the counters clean. Prepare utensils and refreshments in case your guests come from some far away place.

Clean the bathroom as quick as you can. Pull the shower curtain (they won’t look in there). Wipe counter tops with bleach wipes if you have them, or paper towel or a simple rag. Don’t forget the sink and the mirror as well. Empty the wastebasket and flush the toilet.

Close all the bedroom doors. Spray the air with something sweet-smelling, or light some scented candles.


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