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Preventing Car Theft

No matter what your car’s model and make is, whether it’s old or new, one can never be too careful when it come’s to securing one’s property – and that includes vehicles.

Always take your car keys with you and never leave them in the car, even if you place them in a secret compartment. This also means that you need to lock your car’s doors and close all its windows at all times, even if it’s just parked in your driveway.

This is also true when you are in a gas station. Do not leave it with the engine running and the doors unlocked. Take time to park and lock the doors. Never leave your things inside the car where it is in full view of everyone.

Park in a well-lighted area and where there is people traffic. This is generally near establishments and try to avoid parking areas which are dark and unattended.

If you’re parking, make sure you turn your wheels sideways and that the emergency brake is on.

Install a car alarm.


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