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Preventing Writing Burnout

Writing freelance can be really tough as you need to do a lot of thinking on how to string together words to discuss a particular topic for the consumption of a particular audience.

If you do this as a full time job on which depends your income, writer’s block or burnout is inevitable unless you take the necessary precautions.

Delegate a day or days where you wont do any writing. Leave these days free so you can do whatever you wish. This wall take your mind off writing, keep your brain rested so it can ready for another week of work.

Take scheduled breaks as welll when you’re working. This will help you get back in the game for the day. You can meet clients, or go out for lunch. You can even walk your dog in the local park.

Do not limit yourself to work at home. Try to work in a coffee shop or even in a library. This will help break the monotony of writing for hours.


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