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Protecting Manicured Nails

Keeping your well-manicured nails in perfect condition can be a bit difficult. Here are some tips on making sure your nails look great.

Make sure that you let your manicure dry properly. Just make sure that before going out for a manicure, you’ve already finished your chores so you don’t need to use your hands much.

Make sure that you do not wet your hands for hours after your manicure. Some chemicals in soap can soften your manicure and can
even smudge it.

To make sure that your nail polish doesn’t chip off easily, apply clear nail polish on the nails that you have painted on. Keep polish that is the same as the one applied on your nails so in case of emergencies, you can always repair your nails.

Use soft cloth to clean your hands. Abrasive cloth can also damage your manicured nails.Wear gloves if you need to do tough jobs at home. This will protect not only your nails but your hands as well.


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