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Reading Faster


Do you want to learn how to read faster? It might take some practice and a lot of effort on your part, but learning to read faster (without sacrificing comprehension), can help you with being able to cover more ground at study and at work.

The first thing you need to work on is the reading part. Start reading more. Pick your reading material of choice and make sure that you increase the number of pages you read in a day. Make sure that as you read, you retain facts and have an understanding of the concept of the text.

Check how fast you read. You can do this by choosing a news article. Count how many words it has. Time yourself when you read it. As you read more, you can go back to this specific article, about once a week, and time yourself. See if you can beat your own time.

Once you’re accustomed to reading, you can start practice speed-reading techniques such as skimming- where a reader simply look for headings, topic sentences, the middle portion, and concluding sentences. This means only the important details are being read. When you practice doing this, make sure that you quiz yourself after to make sure that you did understand what you’ve just read.


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