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Reasons Why It’s Good to Read Books

Although there are plenty of reasons why people (and not only children) should read books, here are some which will help you to convince others that reading is a worthwhile endeavour.

Reading develops grammar and vocabulary. Those who wish to improve their spelling and to build on their word banks, reading is a good way to help you with your problems.

Reading, depending on the topic or subject matter of the book, or whether it is fiction or non fiction, can make you learn new things. If you’re aiming to learn to do something practical, how-to-books are there to help you.

Reading can help you strengthen bond with children. Nothing beats, sharing stories and information with children while they sit on your lap or nestled in your arms while you have a story-telling session every evening before bedtime.

Reading is free. You don’t always need to buy books. You can borrow from friends, or public or school libraries. If you do plan to buy books, there are always second-hand shops that sell affordable books.


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