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Safety for Walking Babies

For babies who are learning to walk, any household item is a potential
tool for accidents. However, there are preventive ways of making sure
that your toddler is safe from his or her curiosity.

Purchase safety pads for tables (such as coffee tables and end
tables), if you can’t move these furniture out of the rooms. Safety
pads, which can be attached around the corners and sharp edges of
furniture, will minimize the risk of head trauma, in case your baby
slips and bumps into them.

Another potential spot for trouble are stairs. To make sure that your
baby does not go up and down the steps on their own, you can always
install a gate at the bottom and at the top of the stairs. Make sure
that the baby is not able to unlatch the gate. And remember to always
close the gate and check if it’s secure. This may be a hassle for the
grown-ups, but why risk your baby’s life?

Always clear rooms of toys and other objects which they can fall unto
or step on. For your ease, you can get a large basket, box, or hamper.
Simply pick up the toy or object and place into this bin. You can
always put them back in their proper positions later on, when you’re
free to do so.


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