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Saving Electricity and Money

Here are some tips on how to save money on electricity:

Try doing laundry using cold water. Using a lot of hot water can only
add to your electricity consumption. There are detergents available
that can be used in cold water. As for using hot water on other
things, you can just lower the thermostat so that it won’t be too hot.
Too hot water means it used more electricity to heat it up.

Use a programmable thermostat so that it can adjust or set your air
conditioner and/or heater to a certain temperature when the air
reaches a particular temperature. These thermostats are also energy
rated so even if they are a little more expensive, they can actually
save you more money in the long run. Keep the warm air in by sealing
windows, doors, and other small cracks.

Change your incandescent light bulbs as they get very hot. CFL light
bulbs  or compact fluorescent light bulbs will save you more money as


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