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Some Tips on Schoolbus Safety

Here are some school bus safety tips that you should consider and can also teach to your children, especially if it’s their first time to ride one:

Teach your children which bus stop is theirs. Make sure that they remember not to get off at any other bus stop.

Talk with another parent whose children ride the same bus as yours, better if your children belong to the same grade. Have your children and theirs as bus buddies who will be responsible to remind each other of bus times.

Do not leave your child alone at the bus stop. Make sure that they board the bus every morning and always wait for them at the bus stop coming from school.

Ask the parents of your children’s bus buddies to see your children at the bus stop in case you cannot be there due to several reasons. You can offer to do this too when needed.

Get to know the bus driver. He or she is in charge of your children’s lives for at least an hour each day. It is only right that you get to know them.


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