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Syncing a Blackberry Device to a Mac

The blackberry device can be connected to a Mac, and syncing won’t be a problem. By doing this, you can back up applications, e-mails, and other information in case something happens to your handheld device.

Simply visit the Blackberry desktop software webpage. It has a section for PCs and for Macs. Of course, go to the one for Macs.

Download the Mac software by clicking on the link that is provided on tha page. A prompt will come up asking if you want to download the file. Click yes and wait until the software is downloaded.

Install the software by double clicking the file you downloaded and follow the instructions for installation.

Use your USB cord to attach your Blackberry to your Mac. The cord should have come with the phone when you purchased it.

The Blackberry Desktop Manager should open when you connect your Blackberry. Otherwise, click your applications folder. Follow the instructions and choose the options on which applications you want to synchronize.


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