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Taking Care of Stomach Flu

If there is one thing that a person with stomach flu should be careful about is that of being dehydrated. Here are some home remedies for easing the upset caused by stomach flu.

Take slow sips of fluid. This can be water, lemon lime soda, or sports drink. If you are too weak to lift your head, you can suck on ice. This will keep you from being dehydrated.

Try not to eat spicy, oily, fatty, and acidic foods. Your tummy will only find them more difficult to digest, causing it to become more upset. Stick to soda crackers or other bland foods. Avoid eating after throwing up. Wait for at least an hour before you do so.

Stay at home and rest. Get as much sleep as you can. Your body is not getting enough nutrients so you need to conserve all the energy you can get.

Don’t forget to wash your hands to avoid getting sick. Keep contact with other people limited so you do not spread the flu as well.


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