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Teaching Kids Responsibility

Kids can be taught responsibility through little everyday things.

Teach them responsibility by letting them have pets. You may acquire
one, or you can let them be in charge of your current one. Feeding,
cleaning, exercise, and grooming will be their sole responsibility. If
their pets misbehave, they should be the ones to teach them how to act

Give your kids a small allowance. They can decide how to spend them.
Make sure that you guide them. Don’t decide for them but ask them
questions such as, “Is it something you want, or something you need?”
If they want something, tell them to save their allowance for it.

Assign your kids several household chores. For example, washing the
dishes, taking out of the garbage, sorting clothes for laundry, or
mowing the lawn. You can make this their basis for their allowance.
Don’t forget to teach them how to do things, before you leave them to
do their work.


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