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Technology and Office Communication

Still thinking if you need to updated and/or upgrade your office with new (if not the latest) technology in communication? Here are some factors to help you convince why you do have to:

Using the latest in communication technology in the office allows you staff to be accessible and in contact in the workplace. Cell phones and laptops are great communication tools, especially if your staff need to work off site.

Time zones also won’t be an issue. E-mail can be sent off to people in other cities, other states, and even other countries and they are sure to get them instantly.

Meetings can be held without requiring people to travel long distances. This can be done with conference calls which can be done with video on the web. This allows more flexibility to people who can’t afford to waste time traveling for only an hour of meeting.

This also lessens the time in preparing communication. Memos can be written as an e-mail and sent off in just one click. No need for printing and physically giving memos to employees. No excuse of not getting a memo anymore.


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