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Tips for a Paperless Office

Here are some tips or factors to consider if you are trying to switch
to a paperless office:

Make sure that you have enough resources and space for back-up of
data. Remember that you might need to scan and keep digital copies of
files so you need to have enough space to store them in your hard
drive. You should also consider the type of document you will be
saving in digital format. They might be difficult to manipulate later
on post-scanning. Make sure that you research other options of going
digital. There are still some documents that you may need to keep so
make sure you still count them when you decide to do some archiving.

Make sure that you have enough support from the people in the office.
Employees should be informed accordingly. Train people as needed,
especially as there would surely be changes is how tasks are

Communicate externally as well. The people or institutions you often
do transactions with should also be informed of the change in your
office. If they can accomodate your requests of using digital copies
of documents, then all the better. But be understanding if they could


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