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Tips for Renting Out Your Vacation Home

Here are some tips if you are trying to have your vacation home rented out:

Before placing an ad for your vacation home, try to write down what
your goals. List the number of weeks in a year you would want to rent
out your property. You should consider to have weeks off for periodic

Shop around about how much is the going rate for vacation homes in
your area. Consider the amenities you are offering as well. Make the
price considerable, but keep in mind that your goal is for you make
enough to be able to keep the maintenance of the place and make profit
as well.

Consider doing your own maintenance instead of hiring out. This
depends of course on your availability and the amount of space you are
renting out. Hiring a company or individuals to do the maintenance can
be costly so you need to add the cost to the rent. However, if you
have the know-how and the resources, then you might as well do it

Advertise. Post on community bulletin boards, online boards, and
create your own website.

To increase return guests, offer little conveniences such as a welcome
gift or other extra services.


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