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Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Are you running out of ideas (or don’t you have any idea at all) on what gift to bring to a baby shower? Here are some helpful suggestions on wonderful and uniqye baby gifts for mothers-to-be:

Mothers-to-be can already be filled with anxiety about the coming birthing and not to mention the huge change having a baby can have on their lives.

To help alleviate these fears, you can bring a humorous pregnancy or parenting book, or you can opt for a warm, uplifting one with lots of helpful advice.

Help ease the stress and the pains of being pregnant. You can give the mom-to-be a gift card to a spa which offeres prenatal massages. If you or the recipient are a little apprehnsive about this, you can opt for a manicure and pedicure for the mom-to-be.

Give a gift card to go shopping for new clothes – whether for the mom or for the coming baby. You can even offer your services to drive the recipient to the store and accompany her while shopping.

You can also hire help for a day. This is true for pregnant women who still work, or who already have kids. They will surely appreciate the day off.


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