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Wedding Announcements

If you’re planning to make a wedding announcement, here are some pointers to help you out:

Announcements are different to wedding invitations. Not all those who receive announcements are considered to be invited in the actual wedding.

Wedding invitations contain actual invitation and details of the wedding. They also have an RSVP section and/or place cards that should be filled out and sent back accordingly. Wedding announcements should not contain the details just mentioned. Just include the date of the ceremony and the full names of the couple.

Wedding announcements are given to those who are needed to be informed about the bride’s name change. These can be distant relatives, casual friends, and co-workers.

Send out the wedding announcements a day or two before the ceremony so that the announcements will be received on the day of the wedding itself. You may also send announcements a day or two after the wedding.

Address the announcements by hand for that personal touch.


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