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Weddings: Preparing Your Own Appetizers for the Reception

Save money on the wedding buffet by preparing your own appetizers.

Have friends or relatives help you with this. Here are some simple appetizers which can be prepared with minimal fuss.

Try to get your ingredients fresh. If you buy by bulk, you might even get a discount.

Plan what you want to be served. There should be an assortment of meats, crackers and breads, fruits, and vegetables. Just be sure to serve those which go well together. For example, cheese and bread, or cheese and meat. Vegetables can be served with dips.

Arrange the appetizers in large party plates to be included in the buffet table. Line the platters with lettuce leaves, for simple decoration.

For fruits, choose those that are in season. They are much less exensive and they add to the table decoration as well.


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