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What People Can Do Online at Work

Although the internet can be a very useful tool in the workplace, especially for communication and for research. Here are some ways on how people can waste their time online while they are at work.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, MySpace, and the likes, plus message boards are the sites that most people frequently visit. People can update their status, follow other people’s pages, post comments and reply to them, upload pictures, and even play game applications.

Most people also check their personal e-mail accounts and use chat clients to talk to friends and loves ones. Some even use their work e-mails to send and receive messages.

People can also check other sites for information. They can also write blogs. Although the latter can be permissible, for a few minutes, the latter surely is not okay.

Some individuals also use work time to shop online and to manage their personal bank accounts.

Some managements can be strict and they would have their IT team block specific sites that they think employees would abuse. However, as an employee, one must be able to responsibly use the internet services of his or her company.


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