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What People Do to Waste Time at Work

If you, as a manager are asking yourself why there is low productivity among year team members when there doesn’t seem to be any conflict, look into the following ways how people waste time in the workplace:

People can spend too much time talking with other co-workers, which excludes work issues of course.

Making personal calls during work hours is another popular time-waster. This can be making appointments for personal transactions, talking with frieds or loved ones, booking a table at a restaurant, etc.

Taking longer lunch breaks than allowed or leaving the workplace too much for smoke-breaks, or coffee, or even to go to the bathroom.

Some people also take naps during work hours. They might not be feeling well. However there are lots of excuses which only means that they are bored and have nothing else to do.

Surfing the internet for personal use. This can be auctioning or bidding on items on e-Bay. This can also be checking personal e-mail, chatting, playing games, or visiting social networking sites.

You as a manager can enforce how much freedom (or leniency) you are willing to grant your team. Too much freedom can hurt the productivity of your staff, yet too much restrictions can do this too. Find a compromise.


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