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What to Consider When Packing for College Dorm

College life can be very exciting, especially to fresh-out-of-high
school people who would need to live far from their homes in their
school’s dormitories. Here are some tips on deciding what to bring
into your new home during this new chapter of your life:

Visit your college dorm before you pack all your things. If this can’t
be done, you can check your school’s website or call for information
regarding the living space. Get measurements if you can, and what
furnishings and appliances would be available and allowable for you to
use.  This will help you decide what stuff to bring.

Avoid bringing a lot of valuable items such as jewelry, etc. Although
you do not want to be suspicious, dormitories are not exactly as
secure as your private home. Also avoid tempting your room mates by
leaving all your valuables out in the open. Try to invest in a good

Avoid bringing appliances when you first move in. You can coordinate
first with your roommate or roommates and find out what you can
contribute to the room, in case all of you brought your own microwave.
This is of course, if your roommates would be in agreement to having
their respective appliances used communally.

Bring versatile storage space. Again, you won’t have the luxury of
owning each and every cranny of the whole room. If you can have secure
containers where you can organize your things and able to hide them
under your bed, the better.


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