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What to Do When a Police Officer Asks You to Pull Over

You might be innocently driving down the road when you hear sirens coming from behind a booming voice is asking you to pull over. What do you do?

Do not panic. You still do not know whatever called their attention. Simply slow down and and find a place to pull over. If you can’t then simply pull off the side of the road.

Turn the engine off. As the police officer is walking towards your car, have your driver’s license and car registration ready. Roll down your window a bit and place your hands on the steering wheel where they can be seen.

The officer will shine a light on you. This is normal. Don’t be scared. Don’t say anything until the officer talks to you and never admit to anything without even knowing the reason why you were pulled over.

Lastly, simply follow the commands of the officer. The ordeal might be scary, but it is not necessarily a problem as long as you know what to do.


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