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What to Do When Your Daughter Gets Pregnant

What do you do when you find out that your daughter is pregnant?
This can be a very difficult time for you as a parent. You might feel rage and a deep disappointment, but you must remember that above everything else, you are still a parent. Your child needs you more so right now and seeing to her is what’s more important.

Be strong. Take it all in before you start reacting. Angry words cannot do anything right now. Instead of placing blames, try to figure out what happens next.

Learn to accept the situation. Knowing that you’re in denial will not make you an effective support system for your daughter.

Discuss with your daughter what the options are. Your daughter is afraid and try to help her get through those fears so she can plan actions that would best suit her situation.

Keep busy. Instead of being overwhelmed of the problem, keep yourself busy by helping your daughter cope with the more practical side of being pregnant such as going to the doctor, buying clothes for herself and the coming baby, or making sure she is eating right.

Keep sane. Have an emotional support system for yourself. It can be your partner, your own parents, or a best friend. They will help you deal with the situation, and to keep your emotions in check as well.


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