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What to Do with Your Kids’ Outgrown Stuff

What do you do when your kids have outgrown their clothes, books, or toys? Here are some suggestions on what to do with these “unwanted” objects:

Give them to other people. You may have friends or relatives who have younger children. You can pass along the items, especially those that still look new. Not only are you getting “rid” of things, you can also help others who wish to save money.

If you do not personally know anyone who wants these things, you can always donate them to charity, or your local church. You will surely cheer up the less-fortunate kids.

If you are more enterprising, then selling these items through a garage sale or on eBay or craigslist. This is also a good way to earn some extra money.

You can always pick one ot two items that have sentimental value and save them. These might not be needed soon, but your kids may want to pass along some of their stuff to their own kids someday. They’ll be thanful that you saved it for them.


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