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Work-at-Home: Treating Clients Well

Do you do freelance work? We all know how difficult it is to find clients. So how do you ensure that you get repeat clients or customers? Here are some tips and suggestions on how to do exactly that!

Always keep client or customer records. Aside from keeping your billing and other communications in order, you can also keep track of your clients’ or customers’ likes or dislikes. You can even include their birthdays if you are able to. With this you can easily anticipate your clients needs. You can also greet them during their birthdays and holidays. This will foster good relations as well.

If clients come back to you, then make sure you welcome them with a red carpet and jazz band. Make sure that you never disappoint them. Clients are hard to find and consider it a privelege to have clients come back.

Provide quality work and always submit deliverables on or before the deadline. Word of mouth is a great form of advertisement. If your clients love your work, be sure that they will refer you to others, and if your clients hated working with you, then it’s guaranteed that you’ll get a bad reputation as well.

Respond in a timely and cheerful manner. Clients like to hear word on the status of your project from to time. Keep them on the loop. Maintain a professional tone but be warm and friendly.


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One Response to “Work-at-Home: Treating Clients Well”

  • Ryan says:

    When working online people forget that they’re dealing with people. I remind my team that they are working with people, not things. We’re not interacting with a computer.

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