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Air Travel Comfort

Travelling by plane can be uncomfortable especially if you don’t have the extra money to travek in business class. And if your flight is more than 4 hours long, things will get more uneasy as you try to keep still in one small space. Here are some tips on achieving comfort while travelling by plane.

Opt for thin, loose and layered clothing during flights so that you can adjust easily according to the plane temperature. Have a jacket or a travel blanket with you in case it gets really cold.

Wear loose shoes while on-board since feet tend to swell while in the air. If you need to wear tight shoes, do not remove them during the flight. It might be difficult for you to slip them back on.

Sitting in restricted spaces for long periods like in airplanes can lower blood circulation and increase the chances of blood clots. Pregnant women and people with heart conditions are vulnerable to these risks but healthy people can experience these as well. Try to take short breaks to get up and move around.

If you are tall, try asking for an aisle or front seat since these seats has more leg room. It will be also easier for you to move around and you do not have to disturb the passengers beside you and climb over them.


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