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Art for Sound Health

Art, music and theater have no direct scientific link to good health but somehow they contribute to a person’s well-being. Here are some ways that the arts can do your body some good.

Listen to music have proven to be therapeutic for some people. The rhythm and sound from the music can improve the mental and physical function of the human body. Ever wondered why listening to a particular music makes you alive and energetic? A few researchers believe that music stimulates the brain into producing endorphins which can keep you active and lively. Also, these endorphins can lessen the feeling of pain. Surgeons and dentists who play music in their office or operating room can opt to give lesser aesthetics to their patients.

Art and drama gives people the creative medium to express themselves and promote good emotional health. All the pent up feelings and emotions that cannot be expressed in words can be released through arts, crafts and theater. This is also a form of self-expression which people can use to communicate another side of them to others. Therapists usually employ arts and drama to kids who have gone through abuse and traumatic events.

Dance can also be used together with music therapy to up the endorphin levels of people to keep them animated. But dance can also be employed for self-expression just like the arts and theater especially done in freestyle or the absence of a pre-set routine. Also, dancing can also be an alternative cardiovascular exercise routine. Dancing for a few minutes can give you the same results as running.


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