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Babies, Baby Food and Meal Times

Babies top the list of the most adorable little things on the planet. Fragile beings as they are, parents and guardians should always be at their A-game. Even mealtimes are not an excuse to be laxed and one can’t just offer the same food all throughout infancy. Here are some tips to consider regarding babies, food and meal times.

Solid food should not be given to infants aged four months or younger. Provide a mixed diet to your baby once he or she hits six months. Remember to introduce the right kind of food to the baby if they can already digest solid food.

Fresh food is always preferred over commercially-packed food. Commercial baby food can also be provided if no fresh meals are available since they are made in highly-controlled environment. Check the label for food ingredients if you are unsure of the content.

Always supervise all meal times of the baby. Babies are at high risk of choking and should not be left unanttended with food and eating utensils.

Solid foods should never be mixed with milk and or other drinks in your baby’s bottle or feeding cup. All food should be fed using a spoon.

Transfer all baby food from the jar to another container once it gets watery or smells funny. Throw the food away at the slightest hint of food spoilage.

Never feed the baby with commercial baby food straight from the can or jar and then keep the remaining food for the latter part of the day. Saliva in leftover food promotes bacterial growth and can seriously harm the baby next meal time.


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