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Be Indispensable at Work

With competition in workplaces really high these days and layoffs always a possibility, it should be your own responsibility to make sure that you’d be the one staying on when the company decides to trim the fat off the organization. Here are some ideas on how to be indispensable at work.

Be the best at what you do. No one likes to let go of their best player. There’s a reason why sports superstars are considered franchise players. If they leave, it’s because they want to. Make sure that you are the company’s go to guy. Don’t just simply be the best in your ¬†company as well. Be the best that you can be.

Diversify skills. Try to be multidimensional as a worker too. You need not confine yourself to the borders of your job. Try to learn the other skills needed in the other functions inside the company. In the very least, this should give you a better idea of how to do your job well. In case of massive layoffs, companies will look to those staying to take on other responsibilities.

Make sure you bosses know that. Being the best at what you do can be a comfort but make sure your higher ups know that. They’re the ones who will be making recommendations on who to cut and who to stay.

Be likable. The trade-off with being the best is that people will perceive you as the competition. Even your bosses at times. So make sure you get on their good side. Be friendly so that you minimize the possible impact of politics. Stay humble. Even if you’re the best, no one likes a show-off.¬†Project a positive image of yourself.


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