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Beware of the Skin Hazards

Sticking to your skin care regimen can truly keep your skin baby soft and smooth. However, these products will not protect you from all skin hazzards. And like it or not, skin hazzards are more common than you think. Here are some of the common skin hazzards and how to protect your skin from them.

Sun. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause wrinkling and skin damage not to mention skin cancer. Load up on sunscreen with SPF of at least 20 to protect youself from the sun. Always walk under the shade. If there are no tall buildings and trees, use an umbrella as an improvised shade.

Wind and Dry air. The wind will make your skin tough and dry while the dry air can strip moisture from your skin. This is wear your moiturizer will come in handy. As an additional preventive measure, cover yourself (yes, even your face) up with a scarf or a ski mask. Use a humidifier or place a pan of water on the radiator during winter.

Hot baths and saunas. Hot baths and saunas may make your skin feel tight but that’s because they’re robbing moisture from your skin. The longer you stay, the more moisture you ose making your skin tighter and drier. As much as possible, limit your hot baths and sauna sessions. This is true for hot showers as well.

Physical inactivity. Physical inactivity means less vibrant skin. Exercising regularly will increase blood circulation and production of sweat — our body’s natural moisturizer. It will also help reduce stress and tension that can contribute to fine lines and wrinklies.


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